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She has rejoined Page as an Interior Design Director, bringing an extensive portfolio that spans nearly two decades of commercial interiors environments from corporate headquarters for technology companies to university spaces, healthcare, and law offices. Interior design tends to be intimidating industry Users are invited to browse designer portfolios before choosing one that fits their tastes. "All the work is digital," says Miller. "Style boards or concept boards are provided digitally to the user It's a widely known fact that interior designers need a strong visual presence in the form of a well-crafted, professional-looking portfolio. Surprisingly, however, many interior designers aren't equipped with the expertise required to organize and unify Interior Design Fair's projects have ranged from offices for Airbnb And that's exactly how founder and Executive Director Kassin Laverty likes it. "If you take a look at our portfolio, no two projects are the same," she says. "We have a team-based In the 1950s – an age when interior design came second only to science and technology in its ability to get people really excited – a wonderful chair was conceived. The Bowl Chair, designed by Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi, was a triumph of What has over 3,200 rooms styled by more than 200 interior designers? It’s not a hedge fund manager’s house in Greenwich, Conn. The only space that could hold this many rooms lives online. Designers’ Portfolio, started in 2004, gives decorating tips .

With a determined spirit and eye for aesthetics, interior designer Erin Gates creates unique go into a space I’ve created and automatically know I have done it. In my portfolio, every space is different. I like to talk to clients, look through TOKYO -- Toyota wants to spice up its interior design with splashes of color and some quirks to Toyota needs more diversity because it has such a broad product portfolio, he said. "Color is a big issue. Customers are looking for something more .

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