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Many hoteliers continue to regard hotel interior design as a “one-way” expense, but if conducted effectively, an expensive refurbishment can repay dividends. Phil Benson explores the business case for hotel interior design. Hotel interior design is an Room by room, interior designer Rachel Reider has worked with the homeowners 3 > THE OTTOMAN was custom made by Plantation Design in durable faux snakeskin. “You can eat at it, put your feet on it, and it wipes clean,” says Reider. In honor of the anniversary and the T@10 Issue, out Oct. 19, this series looks back at some of the most memorable stories from the magazine’s first decade and soaring architecture of the original design became a quiet backdrop for the owners What a great design! The design is based on the comics and in our nightmares Now, I've a pet, Jack the Labrador, who usually accompany me when I'm writing for my current jewel, Yareah magazine, edited alongside author Martin Cid. Here is a list of five of the best blogs around to show you beautiful interior design ideas and architectural designs. Dezeen “” short for Design Magazine “” has an architectural focus, covering new trends in architecture. However, it also often Using a magazine for scale, this App lets you virtually design a room, then buy the furniture. A few months ago, Ikea released an unbelievable app. When you placed the company's catalog anywhere in your home, it could appear as one of a few different .

STEP ON UP: Bar stools can be difficult. One would think this would be an easy choice, but there are so many to choose from. And, adding to that, I don't want a stool without a back, right? Further more, the ones I like are too expensive. So there are my Doggie mansions and other architecture for animals is no new thing, but rarely are animal-friendly interiors the subject of a lifestyle column in a magazine. Thankfully, there exists in the world the publication Cat Fancy, whose latest issue features an Interior Design Service Online is proud to announce that they are featured in an article in the latest issue of Unique Homes Magazine, The Ultimate Issue 2013. Owner Lisa Davidson and a recent client of hers, were interviewed regarding the benefits of On Monday, June 11, 2012, Fellows of both American Society of Interior Design (ASID) and the International Interior Szenasy, Editor in Chief of Metropolis Magazine, was invited to speak in front of the joint fellows roundtable and presented an .

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