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Design stalwart Autodesk has launched a free, easy-to-use 2D and 3D home design web application. Homestyler is designed with ease of use in mind, with simple drag and drop tools and simple switching between 2D and 3D display. This is clever, simple and IESNY Education presents Electrical Design for Dummies, which is targeted to lighting designers, architects, and interior designers. It is a full day workshop on Electrical Design. Learn the nuts and bolts of circuiting, basics of wiring, fundamentals of Don’t go out and buy a new couch – just get the old ones reupholstered. It’s cheap, easy and best of all; YOU get to choose the colour and design that you want. Play with lighting Enhance the ambience and mood of a room by adding – or removing There are countless marketing and public relations-related books, web sites, and articles online and in print that can help the individual interior-design business owner approach marketing, from something as simple as Public Relations for Dummies to more An interior design service and French polishing service are also available Linda Calvert's ceramic cakes and vintage suitcases; dressmaker's dummies covered in vintage floral prints are particularly popular. Another big seller is JieldĂ© French Like most crash-simulation sleds, the design works on the principle of reverse acceleration, in which a reinforced body, including interior safety components and test dummies, is accelerated in reverse from a standstill. The reverse acceleration creates .

And this Thursday’s Goop newsletter, which highlights the interior design “fempire” of L.A.-based designer Sure, maybe we’re the dummies, but we’re still here to help. According to Goop, “sugarblue Marrakesh” translates approximately And what happened next stunned insiders, recalls Yoshinori Asahi, global head of interior design for Honda and Acura Though presented as air intake vents, they are actually dummies that are sealed shut. That is to improve aerodynamics. Just a few key items, and a little creativity are all you need to make a total transformation, said interior design professor Sheryl Sodaro-Spomer. 1. A futon. IKEA carries a perfect dorm-room sized futon with a super comfy mattress for less than $200. "We don't train no dummies," jokes Tony Jones "What started out being called homemaking, evolved into home economics, then was called interior decorating and then interior design and now, interior architecture," says Jones. "The practice of which .

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