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The design of this space and its various features would be impossible Sauer earns his living designing aircraft interiors for Boeing, but we wish he'd spend more time designing spaces down here on the ground. Here's an interesting piece of interior design. Challenged by a client to refurbish a tiny studio apartment in Paris, architect Betillon/Dorval‐Bory was asked to pay special attention to lighting due to the limited daylight available in some parts of the Recently, a well-known interior design company out of Reno and Sparks Nevada called Spaces Design & Planning, played a significant role in a remodeling project, which took place at the Woodside Multi-Family Apartment Complex in Reno. Located at 4800 Minimalistic design style is what this DIY tiny San Fransisco apartment is all about. At a mere 252 square feet, measuring 9 feet wide by 28 feet long, this tiny apartment interior is a very cozy space. Featuring a bedroom loft accessible by a ladder Apartment Therapy recently visited the home of a Logan Square couple who have transformed their old greystone into a bright, colorful vintage finds. The home has classic staples such as the Eames chair and teak tables, but also some reupholstered originals COVER UP: Window treatments can be difficult to choose – especially when the windows are difficult to begin with. This primer from Houzz: "Every home has windows and doors that are not so simple to cover, such as front doors with large windows and .

Now you can explore Jerry Seinfeld's apartment through virtual reality. It also means that there is now highly unscientific evidence that the uncanny valley hypothesis can be extended beyond its original meaning and applied to the aesthetics of The show's interior designers Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer predict the apartment of the couple views and a desirable aspect and the couple have won plaudits for their design. Palmer also went with Max and Karstan: "If you can pick the The beautiful photography and interior design featured in this blog will fill you with the urge to redecorate. Apartment Therapy is about how to design the interior of your entire house, how to live in small spaces and great ways to brighten up your house. “The Elegance of Conviction” Issue: Culture, Summer 2013 In this profile of Deeda Blair, the medical philanthropist, fashion icon and social mover opened up her New York City apartment of the original design became a quiet backdrop for the .

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