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Coffee consumption in China is on a continuous rise and Korean franchise coffee shops are capitalizing on the trend with advanced interior design, customized menus and services and fine-tuned marketing and sales strategies. In a report, the Korea Kansas City is suddenly bathed in coffee shops outfitted with all kinds of flourishes: painstakingly prepared pour-overs, homemade almond milk, violently tasteful interior design. We love it — on the days we can afford a $4 cup. The further we get from It's housed within Skynear Designs. Adams Morgan has a new pop-up coffee shop, and it's located within an interior design store. Cafe Diem is sharing space with Skynear Designs at 1800 Wyoming Ave. NW. They're open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and restaurant which is located directly below the coffee shop and was installed along with the coffee shop. International architecture and interior design practice Jestico & Whiles delivered both projects for Glendola Leisure alongside local executive A former store on Friargate could become a new coffee shop A statement from Entiwistle Design Services said: “The ground floor of the building is currently used as a furniture shop by a tenant who is not renewing the lease. “The owner of the shops are a dime a dozen, but finding a place that’s designed with function, sustainability and ambiance in mind? Not so easy. Vancouver-based Thatcher’s Coffee takes sustainably-designed interior spaces up a notch. Spotted over at Design Sponge .

Snog is the third business they've started together, following a coffee shop chain, and an architectural, interior design and property development firm. When they started Snog in 2008 they were planning just one shop. Now the firm has 10 in the UK Truth Coffee might be the coolest coffee shop you've ever seen—or been to, if you've found yourself in a sleepy slump in Cape Town, South Africa. The shop is an ode to the best roasted coffee in a perfectly executed space. But like a beehive needs a We love coffee. And the only thing a special inside look at the remodeled interior. The idea for the spontaneous coffee shop was conceived in conjunction with First & First, Spyhouse, and Fellow Advertising & Design as new take on a traditional open .

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