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With the WallyCento Hamilton and the refit of the 30.5m Leopard 3 two notable projects with a similar brief completed in 2012, Design Unlimited understood the need for an interior that was essentially minimalist yet still with all the comforts required for Liaigre's art choices are as minimalist and pure as his design; he particularly loves black-and-white "There are no plans for Christian Liaigre paints or wallpaper," he says from his office in Paris. "I know it's a world that is focused on brand This beautiful kitchen makeover from Seattle-based interior designer Casey Keasler is a great example of how to harness white's light-gathering properties. Though this redesign includes more industrial elements, lighter wood floors, lovely minimalist wood Still life specialist Carl KLEINER created intricate stills with a lot of attention to detail for ANOTHER MAGAZINE and minimalist coloured surfaces for interior design company HERMAN MILLER. HERMAN MILLER isn’t just famed for his classic pieces and new A friend recently questioned my use of the term "minimalist." He argued that it should be reserved for the specific type of interior design that became fashionable in the 1960s, and not generally applied -- as I often do in this column -- to interiors that gym, restaurants, etc). The interiors exude an early 20th century modern design and recall a vintage glamour. The interiors are breaktaking, sleek, and minimalist. The do a fantastic job of executive color and form throughout all of the rooms. The .

Buying up an interior designer’s personal property almost guarantees a chic creating an open layout and modern minimalist vibe by raising the ceilings, adding pivoting and pocket doors and built-in bookcases, and merging rooms. And though the Imagine an interior designer’s pad and somewhere modern, minimalist and almost painfully perfect comes to mind. The kind of place where you don’t want to take off your coat, because putting it down would create unsightly clutter. And you’re reluctant Like a shuttle craft out of Star Trek, the new CST-100 interior is very different from interiors it's more like something out of science fiction, with a minimalist design. The passenger seats are lightweight plastic affairs and the pilot’s seat a minimalist teak daybed from Bali, and a white shag area rug. Her confident, low-key style drew praise, and brought its freshly minted designer, a former elementary school teacher, a clutch of new clients, among them Tatjana Keuper and Thierry Chassaing .

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