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Despite the strides made in interior design and retail design, most design schools are failing to cover this in their curricula and there is a need for a business approach to this rapidly growing industry. © shotsstudio - I remember back in Respected architect, interior designer and educator Annie Chu, IIDA, AIA will receive the International Interior Design Association's Leadership Award of Excellence from IIDA's Southern California chapter during its annual Leaders Breakfast at the Hyatt The Sheffield School is fully accredited by both the DETC and New York State, and has been teaching interior design to people all over the world since 1985. Their interior design course is their oldest and most popular, and students range from people who It’s all about space planning at the state’s interior design schools where students learn ways to make interior spaces more livable and workable. There are four-year accredited programs such as Mississippi College, Mississippi State University and the Great American decorating firms have come and gone, but McMillen—the nation’s oldest tastemaker in existence—still stands. And "McMillen Inc.: Nine Decades of Interior Design," an exhibition that opens September 17 at the New York School of Interior Hong Kong now has its first dedicated interior design school. Opened a month ago, the school is currently offering short courses and in September will launch a one-year diploma. Insight School of Interior Design is the brainchild of Eve Mercier, a .

How many times have you read the Rule of Three as a guide for grouping objects in interior design? But if you like things in pairs, study this living room by California interior designer Betsy Burnham. Here, she demonstrates with seating and accents how Now, Kelly Barnett Interior Design, LLC, provides residential and commercials clients We recommend them to everyone looking for interior designing and decorations.” Postponed Alabama high school football games, Friday, Oct. 10 Postponed Alabama During Interior Design 30 on Thursday afternoon at Weyburn Comprehensive School, Shelby-Rae Kubashek lines up the green paper with the roof of the model barn that she is building to see if any adjustments need to be made before gluing it on. Students in Judith Gura, a design historian, author, and lecturer, will be speaking about the early history of New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) in Interior Motives: Designing a Design School. The lecture will explore key events in the development of the .

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