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Calling all designers! Below are all the jobs found during a recent survey of Greater Baltimore interior design firms. Each firm said they expect to fill these positions within the next year: Arium AE is hiring a senior interior designer, a junior interior Having designed homes for celebrities and socialites such as Zac Efron and Kristen Bell, interior designer Kenneth Brown has set himself apart from the interior design community by creating homes that have modern details with a touch of his Southern Interior design does not require an introduction. Most of us have come across this speciality sometime in our lives and like all careers, it is boom-time for interior designers too. So, if you are looking at making a career in interior design, here's some Do you have an eye for design? Do you know how to make a room really pop? Did you hate it when the people on TLC’s Trading Spaces upholstered the walls with tacky-looking fabric? If you’re still practicing law, then maybe you’re in the wrong field. Thu, Aug 7: Are you a visual and creative person and are looking for a career that highlights your talents? Then this segment might be for you. Jessica Laventure speaks to Yacine Yalaoui, the coordinator of the interior design school at Inter-Dec college When I first got to New York, I was like a pinball, trying different things. I worked at Bergdorf Goodman when Halston was there, also as an actor, and even at a bank. I knew I was a creative person; I was just trying to find the right fit. The mid- to .

It’s all about space planning at the state’s interior design schools where students learn ways to make interior spaces more livable and workable. There are four-year accredited programs such as Mississippi College, Mississippi State University and the From fashion to homes, Elaine Alexander has been a designer all of her professional life. Now 62, she commits herself full-time to interior design, a choice she made 25 years ago. "Interior design, well, you can age with it," she said. "As you mature, you Namrata Baruwa Shroff’s sprawling bungalow overlooking the ocean nestled in Juhu is a metaphor for her love for all things beautiful, minimal and elegant. Be it the breezily done-up lawn or the exquisitely designed living room where she entertains her EAST PEORIA — Christmas came early for Meri Tucker. On Aug. 27, Tucker, an interior designer of East Peoria, received some color samples in the mail. She pored over them in her living room. “It’s like Christmas. I love getting samples,” Tucker said .

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