Wednesday, January 14, 2009

UNC vs Duke is the best rivalry in the country...

. Wednesday, January 14, 2009

...and now HBO will be telling us all about it

As I do anytime I have a bit of time I was reading around my favorite site for all UNC, the Tar Heel Times, when I saw a link to Go Duke and of course I had to stop and read why this was on a great North Carolina site. Well, the answer is a good one, for both UNC and Duke alike: HBO Sports has begun production on the documentary titled BATTLE FOR TOBACCO ROAD: DUKE VS. CAROLINA.

I think this can be a great piece, which by the way, will debut Monday, Febraury 23rd at 9:00 p.m. EST. The key in my opinion is that whomever does this documentary is unbiased and does not push the story to one side or the other. The rivalry between the two school is known throughout the college landscape, and maybe beyond that, no need to do anything in this one hour piece than to just tell the story the way it is. The one thing that has me excited that this is what HBO will do is the fact that many people are going to be interviewed:

"The high-profile list of interviewees from the Blue Devils and Tar Heels weighing in on the intense rivalry in the documentary, includes Hall of Fame coaches Dean Smith and Mike Krzyzewski, and all-time great players Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Charlie Scott, Grant Hill, Johnny Dawkins and Christian Laettner."

With these people that tell the story then the audience watching the documentary will be able to understand what it means to be in a rivalry such as this one. Let them be biased to their own team, they have a right to do so. In the meantime let HBO be as unbiased as possible, just giving the details needed to show how two schools like UNC and Duke have become ultimate archrivals and the fact that eight miles divide the campus makes all of this even more passionate. The two teams have been playing against one another for almost 90 years, and with no end in sight you have to believe that this rivalry can only get bigger and more passionate on both sides. Being able to show this on television can only help people appreciate what both schools have. I can not wait to see it, because if this show is done right it could definitely be something great.


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