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Interview with the "TruthAboutIt", regarding Antawn Jamison

. Wednesday, October 08, 2008

As quick as I sent questions to "TruthAboutIt", he sent them right back. For those of you that might have forgotten, this is the same blogger that at the end of July did an interview about the ex Tar Heels on the Washington Wizards (Antawn Jamison, Brendan Haywood and assistant coach Mike O'Koren). I always loved the line he has in his bio, stating he is "a semi-pro blogger". However I know one thing, with me "TruthAboutIt" has been a true professional.

A.E.M. Do you know how bad the injury is? If not, do you know when we will know any more about the injury?

TruthAboutIt It's tough, as I was watching the game, it looked pretty bad....not so much from the way he knee went when he injured it, but more from the way Jamison was writhing on the floor in pain. He was trying to close out on Dirk Nowitzki, and wasn't really doing a good job at it. Once Dirk saw that Jamison wasn't ready to contest a shot, and seeing that the baseline was wide open, he drove to the hoop. From his position, there was really no chance that AJ could recover, but he planted his right leg and tried to change his course anyway. His knee buckled and he hit the floor.

The initial report from the Wizards television announcers was that Jamison sprained his knee. Later, they reported a strain of the patella tendon, which I assume is a down-grade in severity. Post game reports had Jamison able to walk and feeling okay after some ice treatment. However, we really won't know until he is able to get an MRI. He flew to Memphis, from Dallas, with the team last night, but the report as of around 1:30 EST this afternoon was that Jamison had yet to get an MRI taken. It's wait and see and cross fingers at this point.

A.E.M. This is a tough hit for the team, with both Jamison and Arenas being out, what would this do to the Wizards' hopes for the 08-09 season?

TruthAboutIt Well, this would all but kill any hopes of making the playoffs, much less contending for a title. First, no one knows if Gilbert Arenas will just miss November, or all of December, or even more. There simply is no time-table as he's coming off his third knee surgery in recent times. The Wiz were hoping to hold down the ship with Jamison and Caron Butler, as they did last year, until Arenas makes a return. But now, who knows?

Don't forget, fellow Tarheel, Brendan Haywood is having some injury trouble himself. He spained his wrist during training camp and was originally thought to be out just a week. However, he recently consulted with a specialist who said Haywood would need surgery and could miss 4-6 months. Haywood is set to receive a second opinion on that diagnosis with a specialist in New York today. Unfortunately, reports last night indicated that Haywood was planning to get the surgery and that today's second opinion was only to confirm that fact.

With Jamison iffy and Haywood very iffy, I'm being driven to drink heavily right now.

A.E.M. What do you think could be "best scene" scenario and what could be the "worst scene" scenario that we are looking as far as Jamison and the Wizards?

TruthAboutIt Best case for Jamison would be that he is just out a couple weeks....or even misses the rest of the preseason with his strain. Worst case is that there is tendon or ligament damage and he could be lost for the season. At this point, it "seems" that the best case is more likely.

In terms of Haywood, it's entirely possible that the first opinion was a misdiagnosis and he only misses a couple more weeks. However, with next season being a contract year for him, I'm fully anticipating surgery and the likelihood that he will be out for the entire 2008-2009 season. In the end, I'm sorry that your Tarheels have become the victim of the Curse O' Les Boulez.

And that is it, what we now know about Antawn Jamison thanks to the great job done by "TruthAboutIt". Make sure you check out his sites, where he does a great job with. Both the blog that has the same nic as he uses, Truth About It, and the Bullets Forever blog, where he writes as well.


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