Friday, October 31, 2008

Hansbrough out with injury, but for how long?

. Friday, October 31, 2008

It has been tough to talk about the North Carolina football team without also having to mention an injury here or there, or as of late, everywhere. Well, do not look, but it seems like the basketball team is heading in the same direction right now, and I truly hope this stops as quickly as possible, because it's not what anyone wants to see. It began with Marcus Ginyard, who is going to be out until the end of the year, or the beginning of next, but now, on the same day that ESPN/USA Today's first poll, there is more bad news, which I saw as I was checking out the ZagsBlog.

The heart and soul of this team and the returning national Player of the Year, senior forward Tyler Hansbrough, is going to be sitting out practices for a while, due to a stress reaction in his right shin. Head coach said there is no real time table for bringing the young man back and there would be more information after the coach meets with the university's medical staff as well as the forward.

Hansbrough is going to have to sit out for a while.
{Picture by: chascow ~ Flickr}

An article on ACC Now said that the senior forward would be out for a while after having only missed two practices in his whole career. The article also talked to Hansbrough's father, an orthopedic surgeon, who seemed to have kind of downplayed the injury, saying to the reporter: "I think he’ll get well pretty quick…These things happen, and he’ll be all right.”

And while the only thing that should matter is that the 6'9" forward get well, he has played in each and every game since coming to Chapel Hill. Hopefully he will be ok to keep that streak alive when the Tar Heels meet Penn on November 15th in their season opener. Hansbrough is also very close to breaking both UNC's scoring title (2,290 by Phil Ford) and the ACC scoring title (2769 by J.J. Redick (Duke)). All of those things, while they might be important in the overall picture, for me, as a Tar Heel, I just want to see Hansbrough be ok and have a great season, since he deserves it for all the great memories he has given this fan base in his years at Carolina.


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