Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dinich hating on the Heels again

. Sunday, October 05, 2008

I usually do not care what others say about North Carolina, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But when I read a blog like the one that Heather Dinich wrote about North Carolina football I have to say something. And before I go on, this is why a while back I said that having a "conference" blogger doesn't work. Reading what Dinich said tonight just proves that point once again. Here is what she said about the Heels:

"There is no question North Carolina deserves praise for its win over UConn -- the defense played outstanding, and has made marked improvement as a group all season. They're leading the league in interceptions. The Tar Heels are a good, well-coached football team that is getting better each week, but they're not a top 25 team just yet."

Her point about all of this is because:

"The Tar Heels beat Miami and Rutgers, teams with a combined 3-7 record. They lost to Virginia Tech. At home."

And she then says this:

"Frankly, the only ACC teams that deserved to be ranked today are Virginia Tech and Wake Forest because they are the only teams with unblemished conference records in an average league."

So, let me get this straight, Virginia Tech, which was losing all the way through the game until UNC's starting quarterback T.J. Yates went down and then won by 3 points against North Carolina should be in the Top 25. Or Wake Forest, who lost to Navy, who lost to Duke this year, should be in the Top 25, but not UNC, who beat a Top 25 team in order to get into it.

Yes, the Heels did beat Miami, the team that Wake Forest beat by 9 points, and Florida State also had problems last week with. And as I said, yes, they did lose to the Hokies, at home, with the starting qb going down leading by double digits. So, if Yates had been in the game for the whole game, there is a case to be made that UNC would have won the game. But as a blogger I have learned to find any positive out of negatives, so I can say I am pretty happy that I didn't read about any "conspiracy" about the conference needing the two teams from the sunshine state to win in order to be good.

Like it or not, this team led by head coach Butch Davis is here to stay. They did it by holding the nation's top running back to a sub par performance. They did it by having players that last year were true freshmen, now being more mature and knowing how to win a game. Heck, can we just say, they were ranked because the AP voters believed they should? The USA Today/ESPN voters didn't believe it and so they weren't. It's pretty simple, isn't it?

You wrote five sentences about how the Tar Heels shouldn't be in the Top 25, I think, had you watched the last two games, you could write 500 sentences on how well this team has played in the last seven quarters without their starting quarterback and with a new running back getting most of the snaps. You could definitely be a bit more positive, but if you can not do that, then just let it be, write more about teams you care about (or want to see win), making you and me feel better about everything.


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