Friday, July 25, 2008

Kenan Stadium ready for phase one of expansion

. Friday, July 25, 2008

For all of us Tar Heels football fans there is good news coming in from the Board of Trustees. As of their last meeting they have approved the first phase of plans for the expansion of Kenan Stadium. Which means that the great stadium is a step closer to becoming bigger and better!

Kenan Stadium nestled in the trees

From what I read in this article from The News & Observer, the plans are for the adding of two floors to the Kenan Football Center, one for the team and one for about 16 to 20 luxury suites. This will bring UNC up to par with the rest of the Atlantic Coast Conference stadiums, as the Heels were one of the only teams without luxury suites (Duke being the other). The time frame is to begin this job once the football season has finished and to be done by the time the 2009 season begins.

Panoramic view of Kenan Stadium

Athletic Director Dick Baddour said that the first concern for all was to keep the beauty that is Kenan Stadium. And from reading the article it seems that the price tag to keep the charm of the stadium is going to be around $50 million dollars. UNC has talked about doing renovations to the stadium, which I have to say is awesome nestled in the trees, for years. The moving from talks to actions began when head coach Butch Davis pushed for it, something that should help out a lot with the recruiting.


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